Frequently asked questions

For the Canyoning Tour remember that this will take place on a creek meaning that you will get wet, we recommend to bring comfortable clothes to do the tour and an close tennis shoes. Also need to bring a change of clothes and towel for after the tour. You can bring your waterproof camera or GoPro (we got helmets to attach your GoPro just remember to bring the additional attachment for it).

At our company the safety is our top priority, we used the best equipment from brands like Petzl, Black Diamond, Singing Rock and others. 

All of our activities take place at our own private land within 10-15 minutes from Santa Elena town, you can also check our location on Google Maps by clicking on the following link

How to download photos

Pictures can be download from the email access we sent to you, when you open the email there’s a blue button at the end which says OPEN just click on it and have access to download them. 

For more help please click below to see more information depending of the device you are accessing. 

You would receive an email similar to the below, click on the blue bottom at the end that says Open. Then s.

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